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How to earn £30,000 as a driving instructor?

We provide thorough yet competitively priced driving instructor training for those wishing to qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). 

6 Reasons for becoming a Driving Instructor


Read on ... What does driving instructor training involve?

ADIs need to pass the three DVSA exams: 

Our course will fully prepare trainees for each of these exams. According to current DVSA regulations, all three tests must be passed within two years; only three attempts are permitted at parts 2 and 3. Exam fees and the cost of registering with the DVSA are not included in our course costs. 

Why train as a driving instructor with us? 

Trainees progress swiftly and effectively with support by professional, experienced tutors. It is in our interests to ensure your success! 

Our training programmes allow trainees to make rapid progress, and ensure a sound respect for safety on today's crowded road networks. Using a variety of teaching techniques, including telephone and e-mail support, home study materials and residential training, we cover all that the modern ADI needs to know. ADIs who graduate from our course will be able to teach pupils to pass their Learner Driving tests, sure in the knowledge that they are passing on vital life-skills. 

Free Driving Instructor Training Course? Are there any free courses to help you become an instructor? Unfortunately not. Some driving schools may offer "free" training, but the reality is that it has to be paid for somehow. It may be included as a "free2 element in your franchise agreement but effectively you will expect to pay a higher monthly amount to cover it.

After you qualify as a driving instructor 

After successfully completing the course and qualifying as driving instructor, we will probably offer you a franchised position with our company, working in your home area. With our deferred payment schemes, you can be earning as a qualified ADI before repaying your training costs. But rest assured that help and advice will always remain only a phone call or e-mail away - if our driving instructors are not happy, then we want to offer them guidance and support.

DVSA ADI Theory Test Video



Tell me more! 

We want to hear from you - within a few months, you could be working as a trained driving instructor. Contact us today: we look forward to telling you more about our training programme and your future career prospects.

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