Driving School Franchise

Most driving instructors are either independents who work on their own and run their own business or franchisees who are also self employed but have the back up of a larger organisation or brand. Driving School franchises range enormously in terms of both their price and what they offer the franchisee. The following are some things that MAY be included:

However there are also many franchises that offer more limikted service - for instance if you have what is often called a "headboard" franchise" you provide your own car and deal with repairs and servcing and the company provide the signage and pupil referals. Historically the big franchises such as BSM and Red driving School have had a very poor reputation amongst driving instructors. It seemed that their core business was to train instructors and that once qualified instructors felt they were left to just die on the vine with insufficient pupil referals to make the business work. this meant that these companies had a very high turnover rate of instructors. Those pupils who were with these driving schools were then disappointed to find that often they would get a completely new instructor half way through their course of lessons.


Nowdays Red in particular have tried to clean up their act and no longer are percieved as simply trying to fleece potential driving instructors with unrealistic promises. However, the franchise model does have it's drawbacks. The main one being that they are unable to sustain a significantly higher lesson price than the independents. Accordingly the ONLY way that an instructor is going to gain with a national franchise is in getting a consistently high number of pupil referals from the franchise.

Despite what the franchises say, there is not enough evidence that the "brand" and marketing are sufficient draw. The reality is that pupil referals from existing or past customers is by far the best marketing tool. In fact in this respect the ranchise "brands lose out as the potential pupil ringing up the Red or AA booking line is not gauranteed to get the instructor who was recommended to them.

All in all MOST instructors who are able to make a long career out of driving instruction do so as a "one man business".