1. How much does a driving instructor earn on avearge?
Many Driving Instructors work part time. On average full time instructors earn around £20-22,000.

2. Are there lots of vacancies for Driving Instructors?
Driving instruction is not a salaried position. Many driving schools are still taking on franchised driving instructors. As a franchisee you are self-employed.

3. How much does a driving school franchise cost?
It can cost from as little as £50 with a local driving school that offers just a booking service with prices up to £350 a week with a large national school which provides car, insurance, repairs and pupil referrals


4. How much fuel is used on a driving lesson?
The cost of fuel per lesson will vary depending on the fuel consumption of the car and the mileage involved. Generally, a one hour will lesson will cover between 12 miles (city centre areas) and 20 miles (rural areas). It's best to budget about £2 - £3.50 per lesson for fuel.

5. What is the pass rate for the driving instructor exams?
It is genearlly accepted that the number of people who pass all three exams is around 10% of those who start training. The success rate is low.

6. Can I get financial help with the cost of training?
Career development loans are available. They are usually far better value than getting a loan through your training provider. In the past Red driving School has had bad publicity due to there high charges for training loans.

7. How many times can I take the instructor tests?
There are three tests - you can take each one three times. If you do not pass them by the third time, you have to go back to the beginning. You also have to wait two years from when you took your first test.

8. How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?
Training courses can cost anything up to around £3,500 for all three parts. Smaller regional or local driving schools often charge less than this