How much does a driving instructor earn?

There are many adverts suggesting that driving instructors earn £30,000 or £40,000 as a driving instructor. Of course most instructors do not earn those kind of figures - you will need to work quite long hours to achieve those figures. By the time you've taken costs and expenses into account - car purchase/running costs/franchise/advertising etc, it's more likely that you will earn in the region of £20,000 to £25,000.

Some driving schools in their adverts offer a "guaranteed job" if you train with them, the reality is that they are offering you a franchise with no guarantee as to how much you will earn. Many driving instructors end up working as independent instructors, as this is the way of keeping costs to a minimum - no expensive offices, staff or advertising campaigns to be paid for.


However, for driving instructors who want to get on with instructing rather than worry about marketing, advertising and generally running their own business with the costs and time demands that that involves, a franchise is often a viable option particularly if they find they cannot generate enough new pupils to fill their diary. At the moment their are more qualified instructors on the DSA Register than ever, but the number of 17 year olds is not currently increasing. This in itself should be an indicator that there may not be enough work to go around! A good driving school franchise can help you to get access to your fair share of the market!

In order to earn £25,000 after expenses you will need to be working in excess of 45 hours per week in total to include time getting between lessons and time to run the business side of the job.

Lets look at some figures for driving instructor earnings:

If you expect to take the statutory minimum holiday (to include bank holidays) that an employee would be entiteld to, that would mean that you will be earning for 46½ weeks. And lets say you take just ½ a week off sick.

That leaves you working for 46 weeks. And lets say you do 30 lessons per week at £22 per hour. That works out at £660 per week or £30,300 per year. wow that sounds good. But now we have to take off expenses. Your 30 lessons will equate to around 450 miles based on 15 miles per lesson (it will be more if you are in a rural area) or 20,700 miles per year. based on hmrc tax allowances your fuel, depreciation, insurance, tax, repairs and servicing will come to around £7,500. you then need to allow for other expenses - a website, advertising etc, your adi registration, professional assocition subs, car cleaning, accountancy services, sickness insurance etc will probably add another £2000.

So for 30 lessons a week (equating to around 40 hours work) you will expect to earn avarage earnings of around £20,000 as a driving instructor.


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