Train with BSM

BSM are probably the most widely recognised brand in the Driving Instructor training industry and at present (although this is disputed by Red) have the biggest fleet of instructors in the UK. However the business has struggled in recent years and is now owned by the AA. Consequently the AA are running the two businesses, AA Driving School and BSM in tandem.

BSM has historically had one of the highest cost franchises (up to £18,000pa) in the industry, but at the same time have had one of the highest charges to pupil for driving lessons. So while instructors have earned more per lesson, they've had to pay out more on their franchise.


Unlike Red Driving School, BSM do not at present display their franchise prices on their website. They offer three levels of franchise - premium, standard and PDI, offering different levels of service for the cost. A recent development is the offer of part time franchises with BSM for instructors who only want to treat it as a part time job.

BSM driving instructor training has had a varied history. In the 90's they were considered guilty of churning out new instructors from their training programme with too few lessons available for BSM instructors and too many instructors generally in the market place for the number of potential pupls. In recent years they have been far less aggressive in their advertising for new instructors. However they also probably don't have the strength of brand name with their main target audience (17-20's) as they used to.



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